The Sharon Historical Society is housed in a small brick building on route 14. Inside they display what buildings are still standing, and what they looked like back then versus modern day. For more Info. you can contact Mary Ayer, President of the Historical Society, 1315 Beaver Meadow Rd Sharon VT, 05065 or you can visit the building yourself. They are only open on Sundays.


President: Mary Ayer-763-8549

Vice President: Dave Phillips-763-3924

Secretary: Vivian Moore-763-7081

Treasurer: Martha Fisk-763-7032

Co-Curator: Kelly Clark (763-8565) and Phyllis Potter-763-7631

Directors: Emma Rikert,(763-4303) Joanne Mason,(763-8963) Helen Barrett-763-7240

Newsletter: Vivian Moore(763-7081) & Martha Fisk-763-7032

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