Town History

The actual journal

Leonard Moore Diary, 1920 Age 18

Sharon, Vermont

Transcribed By Juliana Beraldi

Leonard Moore is not a very famous person in the world, but he is an important person to the town of Sharon because of the legacy he left about daily life in our town.  He recorded every day of his life in his diary.  It was never very profound, but by reading it today, historians can get snapshots on the daily existence of citizens of Sharon in the early part of the 20th century. His diaries help the world today have a better understanding about what it was like to live back then. What follows is just a small section of his collection of diaries. He also wrote a summary of his life (almost like a memoir).


Thurs. January 1st 1920     Temp; warm   Weather; hasty


Studied in morning     Finished English   Drew logs in after noon,   Dad made work bench for Mrs. Mc.


Friday 2     Temp; cold   Weather; fair


Sawed logs     Drew logs     Went to Grange    Walked down in 33 min.

Saturday 3   Temp; cold  Weather; windy


Went to town    Dad worked at Solones      Studied in afternoon


SUN. JAN. 4 1920     Temp; -18    Weather; fair


Studied some    Jo went up to the Keene     Felt lazy and played with Buff a lot


MONDAY 5    Temp; -10    Weather; fair


Jo went back to school    Drew logs      Bribe Cart Dog handle


TUESDAY 6       Temp; 0     Weather; fair


Went to town.      Dad went to Solones and stayed until after the chores were done.   They put in a milking machine.


WED. JAN. 7    Temp; warm     Weather; cloudy


Killed my beef and delivered half of it.    Mrs. Mc came over    Don was over to help us         Studied in the evening

THURSDAY 8          Temp; warm      Weather; cloudy


Finished drawing logs         Dad worked at Don’s    We went to Masonic meeting in evening            Wrote one Examination on Civic’s

FRIDAY 9         Temp; warm          Weather; snowed


Joe came home,    We drew two loads of limb wood.     Dad worked at shop and studied in PM

SAT. JAN. 10, 1920     Temp; -3      Weather; fair


Went to town.        Got hair out          Drew limb wood.

SUNDAY 11     Temp; cool        Weather; cloudy


Dad finished wash bench      Studied in P.M and read in morning       Josephine walk over to Mrs. Mc       Buband went sliding

MONDAY 12        Temp; warm   Weather; windy


Snowed a little         I took Jo up to So. R.       We drew wood.     Mrs. Mc broke a simple tree and Dad fixed it it

TUES. JAN. 13 1920       Temp; cool       Weather; gloomy


Snowed a little all day       Dad hurt his foot     Studied some and read some    Finished Civics

WEDNESDAY 14      Temp; cold      Weather; windy


Clarance Quillis was here to dinner, he had his sled fixed         I went to town          Dr. Grey was here and fixed Rose’s teeth

THURSDAY 15        Temp; cold       Weather; fair


I drew wood          Dad feeling better and walked down to mailbox, Growing cold

FRI. JAN. 16, 1920        Temp; -30        Weather; fair


Joe came home        Went to Grange most of officiess      Begun to snow in evening

SATURDAY 17        Temp; cold         Weather; gloomy


Snowed all day but not very hard               Studied and read

SUNDAY 18          Temp; cold             Weather; rough


They stayed the roller. The wind blew hard all day       Studied some.       Finished Civics

MON. JAN. 19, 1920         Temp; -22           Weather; cloudy


Snowed a little in P.M,        I went to town,      Mama not feeling very well,        We drew some wood

TUESDAY 20       Temp; -20          Weather; cloudy


Snowed in evening           I went to So. Royalton with Jo (So Cold)         Drew wood, I do not feel very frisky, got a hard cold

WEDNESDAY 21       Temp; warm         Weather; cloudy


Did not feel good        Dad finished the wood         Mama went over to Mcs

THURS. JAN. 22, 1920       Temp; -20       Weather; fair


I did not do much      Had the Dr. in evening         Dad went to town

FRIDAY 23           Temp; 0         Weather; fair


Dad sawed wood at Dons          I felt some better.          Jo came home

SATURDAY 24        Temp; warm            Weather; stormy


Dad went to town.       I felt better        Snowed quite a lot in the night and squalled all day

SUN. JAN. 25, 1920      Temp; colder         Weather; cloudy


Case run the roller again.           I washed the seperater all up to slick           Jo went over to Jnes, finished History S. 1.

MONDAY 26            Temp; -26          Weather; clear


Dad walked to town           Mr. Mckeirfman was down here     I studied some, One cow calved Heifer calf

TUESDAY 27           Temp; warm         Weather; cloudy


Ansus man was here,     Josephine went back to So.     Dad feeling bum,   I brought down after hail I brobe road

WED. JAN. 28, 1920      Temp; growing colder    Weather; changing


I went to town      Dad went to Don’s     I drew manure in P.M.       We got deed of School House

THURSDAY 29         Temp; -20


Dad finished at Don’s,     I drew manure in P.M.     We did not do much in morning      I got a letter from Woodie

FRIDAY 30        Temp; cold       Weather; windy


Jo came home,      We sawed wood     Growing colder awful rough

SAT. JAN. 31, 1920     Temp; -22      Weather; rough


I went to town some cold,    We did not saw too cold      I need some       -24 when we got chores done

SUNDAY,  FEB. 1     Temp; -28     Weather; cloudy


-34 at Franbs at one oclock, but it clouded up,      Dad worked at shop      Don came over       Joe went up to Mckein

MONDAY 2      Temp; warm      Weather; fair


Dad worked at shop      I helped wash       Quite warm thawed in the sun

TUES. FEB. 3 1920       Temp; warm      Weather; fair

Sawed wood finished limb wood      We got one lamb

WEDNESDAY 4      Temp; warm      weather; cloudy


Sawed wood    Went to town in A.M    Sent Hide to Perkins

Got three lambs from one sheep


THURSDAY 5       Temp; cool      Weather; stormy


We sawed wood in A.M      Snowed hard all afternoon.

FRI. FEB. 6, 1920     Temp; cold       Weather; windy


We stacked some wood.     I here was a big snow storm last night      No Grange meeting

SATURDAY 7       Temp; cold      Weather; windy


Jo came home     I went to town     They slid the roller off the bank feond Mcs twice

SUNDAY 8     Temp; cool        Weather; fair


I went on roller,   We had Ice Cream and birthday cake for supper.

MON. FEB. 9, 1920     Temp; warm      Weather; fair


Work on road.     Finished rolling,    Dad split wood    Did not study to alfried tired      They went to drawing longs at Fresh Fred’s

TUESDAY 10      Temp; cool    Weather; stormy


Josephine went back     Don came over but we did not saw snow all afternoon

WEDNESDAY 11     Temp; cool     Weather; fair


I went to town.     We sawed wood      I got a chick from Perkins

THURS. FEB. 12, 1920     Temp; cool      Weather; cloudy


Finished logs       Mr. Barnes was here in forenoon

FRIDAY 13      Temp; warm        Weather; cloudy


Snowed all afternoon    Josephine came home      They sawed at Mcs     we split wood

SATURDAY 14      Temp; warm      Weather; fair


Grandpa came over went to town     Dad worked at Mcs

SUN. FEB. 15, 1920       Temp; warm      Weather; stormy


Snowed hard    we shoveled snow off Mcs, Barn Horse dwent their the floor

MONDAY 16         Temp; fair        Weather; windy


shoveled snow off roofs    Did not do much

TUESDAY 17       Temp; warm      Weather; fair


Shoveled on road      We played cards

WED. FEB. 18, 1920      Temp; warm     Weather; fair


Thawed today    Jo went back to South.     Grandpa went home       I went to town      We split wood

THURSDAY 19         Temp; cold        Weather; snowed


Dad went to down to mail box, I read.     The wind blew all day

FRIDAY 20        Temp; cool       Weather; fair


We split wood        Jo came home      Grange meeting

SAT. FEB. 21, 1920       Temp; cool     Weather; fair


I went to town       We split wood     Dad fixed hose stable    I went up and got snow shoes out of woods some snow.

SUNDAY 22     Temp; cool     Weather; fair


Dad went over to Sands    Mrs. Mc came over     Jo went up to Mckeirmans,

MONDAY 23      Temp; cool      Weather; fair


Took Jo up to So.    also took up two calves     Had tooth pulled,  Not much fun

TUES. FEB 24, 1920      Temp; warm      Weather; cloudy


Snowed a little     I did not do much     Dad worked on wood     I helped wash

WEDNESDAY 25      Temp; cool        Weather; windy


I went to town     We split wood     I caught hen eating eggs,  She won’t eat anymore,    Josephine came home sick, I went up after here, poor road

THURSDAY 26      Temp; Cold        Weather; windy


Josephine did not get up today,       Wood piles started to tip over but we fixed them      Didn’t do very much

FRI. FEB. 27, 1920     Temp; 8        Weather; fair


Josephine did not get up today       Dad worked at shop     Mrs. Mc came over here

SATURDAY 28        Temp; 26      Weather; fair


I went to town, the roads drifted      Dad shoveled snow beyond Mcs      Josephine got up today

SUNDAY 29        Temp; warmer    Weather; cloudy


Snowed a little in morning     I cleaned out hog pen and some calf pens     Jo, feeling better    Read some story

MON. MAR. 1, 1920     Temp; 10      Weather; fair


Mother and Jo not feeling very good     Dad did washing    We split wood finished one side of road      Raymond Luce died

TUESDAY 2       Temp; 18       Weather; fair


Dad went over the hill and fixed telephone line     We went to town meeting Dad is fence viewer     Mother is sick

WEDNESDAY 3      Temp; warmer     Weather; fair


I went to town   Woodchuck has dug out      Mrs. Mc got a pair of twin calves    We stabed wood

THURS. MAR. 4, 1920    Temp; warm     Weather; fair


We stabed wood all day    Mr. Mc is fisking colts    Warm wing snow is settling some



FRIDAY 5      Temp; warm    Weather; rainey


Dad feeling sick   Did not do much     Sick folks feeling better   Mrs. Mc sent over some things for us

SATURDAY 6    Temp; colder    Weather; snowed and wind


Wild rough day snow drifted very bad     I did the milking at night I went over to Mcs

SUN. MAR. 7, 1920    Temp; cold     Weather; fair and breezy


Dad did not go to barn at all    Adric and I shoveled out the road drifted very bad,     Milked 12 cows in 65 min.

MONDAY 8    Temp; cold     Weather; fair


We broke out the road      I went to town     The houses got away when I walked then and they got snow all over     Dad came out and helped milk at night

TUESDAY 9      Temp; warmer    Weather; fair


I did not feel very good in A.M      Mr. Mckeerman got down here shoveling out his road       Uncle Sand died this A.M



WED. MAR. 10, 1920                Temp; warm        Weather; cloudy

Mr. Mckeerman was down here again today         I cleaned the hog pen      So much snow can’t do much

THURSDAY 11        Temp; warm        Weather; cloudy


I snow-shoed over to Pomfret to the funeral there were a lot there        Schuyler came over after a load of wood

FRIDAY 12            Temp; warm           Weather; cloudy


I went to town        I split wood in the afternoon       Dad feeling some better

SAT. MAR. 13, 1920               Temp; warm        Weather; rain and snow


Did not do much but study it stormed all day.

SUNDAY 14           Temp; colder            Weather; fair


Did not do much my back is lame

MONDAY 15         Temp; cool              Weather; fair

Josephine went back.                  Dad split some wood          The telephone repair man came here

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