Sharon Population

Sharon in 1906

This picture shows Sharon in 1906.image                  This graph shows the population in Sharon between 1810 and 1990.


Agricultural Changes in Sharon, Vermont


At the start of the town, due to sheep farming, the population rose at a rapid rate until it peaked at almost 1500 people around 1830. During the 1830s, raising sheep became unprofitable, leaving a number of people without a source of income. The rise of industry led some to initially leave seeking manufacturing jobs. At the same time, general westward expansion was taking place and many people were moving west looking for a new start. Many people from Sharon eventually followed the trend. Together, this led to a sharp decline in population for quite a few years. Then, in the 1870s, the dairy industry replaced sheep farming and allowed farmers to again have a steady source of income. This resulted in a more stable population.


The construction of the Interstate in Sharon


While fairly consistent, from 1900-1950s, the town population was as low as it has ever been. Then, in the late 60s, the construction of Interstate 89 brought lots of people to the town of Sharon. From 1970-1980 the population increased by more than 50%. This is especially notable as the overall population of Vermont only increased by 13% during the same period. For a small town like Sharon, this dramatic increase of people was significant. Along with the new interstate, the population increase was probably helped by the back-to-the-land movement going on at the time.  Numerous people were looking to move out of the city to find peace in the country and Vermont was seen as a highly desirable location. The easy access allowed by Interstate 89 made Sharon quite desirable as well. This led to another spike in the population (see graph below) of Sharon and some surrounding towns, too. Today, the population of Sharon is as high as it ever has been. Next time you are in Sharon, look around, think about the history that is everywhere, and ask yourself, “What will people say about Sharon in 100 years?”


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